FraiseBec was founded in 1978 by Yvon Charbonneau who came up with the idea to transform part of his land, in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines on the North Shore, into a strawberry patch. Over time, his small operation grew into a flourishing family business specialized in growing fall strawberries, which are harvested from June to October. After two of Mr. Charbonneau’s children, Isabelle and Simon, took over the company, FraiseBec slowly grew to become one of Canada’s biggest strawberry producer. And, for over 20 years now, the farm has also included fall raspberries as part of its crops. The strawberry farm covers over 60 hectares and employs nearly 300 people during the high season.

Recognized across Canada, FraiseBec products are available on the shelves of major supermarkets including Sobeys, Métro, Loblaws, Provigo and Walmart as well as in fruit stores, public markets and stands.

The popularity of FraiseBec’s strawberries and fall raspberries have made them a sought-after ingredient in jams, desserts and salsa, both in households and food-related facilities throughout Quebec.