Our Strawberries

There are a great many varieties of strawberries, among them the summer strawberry and the fall strawberry. Several features distinguish these two varieties. Superior taste, firmness, size and shelf life are some of the characteristics that set apart the fall strawberry, FraiseBec’s specialty.

The fall strawberry or everbearing strawberry lasts only for one year. It is planted very early in the spring, is picked three months later and requires a lot of care. The entire growth cycle must be problem-free to ensure a good crop of fall strawberries.

Our varieties

The SEASCAPE: This medium to large fall strawberry a real favorite. Customers love its flavor and its bright red hue.

The ALBION: This pretty, firm strawberry is loved for its size and its enticing aroma. Due to its low yield, it is not part of our pick-your-own crop.

The MALWINA: With its dark hue, the Malwina is available in mid-July and is known for its great flavor and excellent shelf life.

Test varieties: As a Canadian leader in the strawberry industry, FraiseBec constantly invests in research and development to offer consumers the best strawberries available. We are currently testing a dozen varieties.