Here are a few tips to enjoy FraiseBec strawberries even longer:

1. After picking, refrigerate the strawberries as quickly as possible in the fruit drawer or other cool spot. They will stay fresh longer!

2. As with all berries, they should be eaten soon after picking.

3. Rinse the strawberries in water just before eating.

Freezing tips

To preserve strawberries and raspberries, just sweeten or freeze them. For best freezing results, spread out the strawberries or raspberries on a tray covered with aluminum foil and place in freezer for 3 hours. Next, put them in containers or resealable plastic bags. You’ll then have perfectly shaped fruit when you want to decorate your desserts.

And for raspberries? The same tips apply.

By following these tips, it’s worth picking even more of our berries!

Source: Quebec Strawberry and Raspberry Growers’ Association (APFFQ)